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Poly Performance Axle Reinforcement

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The first upgrade all JK owners should consider is strengthening the front axlehousing. Jeep's attempt to cut weight out of the front axle assembly leaves the units extremely vulnerable to deflection-especially when larger tires are involved. Poly Performance offers a Dana 30 axle reinforcement kit, which addresses this issue and adds strength in key areas where the unit is known to fail. The kit consists of two essential parts: the axletube sleeves and the inner "C" gussets. Made from 2-inch-thick, 0.250-inch-wall 1026 DOM tubing, the sleeves are machined with an outer diameter that fits tightly into the stock axletubes. Once installed, any combination of front axleshafts will still fit into the housing. This system increases the Dana 30/44 axletube strength by 59 percent over stock. Note that this upgrade requires that you drill and plug-weld your stock axletubes.