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Dana 44 And 30 Pinions

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This photo shows the difference in size of the JK rear Dana 44 pinion gear and the front JK Dana 30 pinion gear. Obviously, the Dana 44 unit is much stronger, thanks to its larger size. But did you know that you can improve the strength of a ring and pinion gearset by simply having it cryogenically treated? Cryogenics bathes the metal in liquid nitrogen at minus-301 degrees Fahrenheit. The process changes the state of the metal, making it much less likely to develop fractures or cracks. The results are, in the simplest of terms, stronger, more durable metal with a much higher yield strength. We sent our Dana 30 gears out to Cryo Science of Oceanside, California, to have this treatment applied. When the Dana 30 gearset was returned to us, the strength was nearly the same as that of the Dana 44 unit in the picture. The cost of this process was a little over $50 plus shipping and handling.