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Cam Bolt

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We re-used the stock ’94 cam bolts, which provide for caster adjustment. The factory ’94 cam washers measure 13⁄4-inch-diameter while the cam bracket on the Power Wagon axle measures 2 inches. While this 1⁄4-inch space is less than ideal, to go to the stock 2010 cam bolts, we would have had to ream or replace the bushings in the Rough Country control arms. Since most of the impact the front suspension absorbs is trying to push the axle rearward, we will align the cam washer so it rides on the front of the cam bracket. Unless we hit something in reverse going really fast this should work for us for the life of the truck. If not, we will make new 2-inch-diameter cam washers by hand. Note the silver paint marker line Off Road Evolution puts on every bolt after it is torqued to spec. The line shows visually at-a-glance if the bolt has come loose and also shows that the bolt has already been torqued, saving time re-torquing fasteners.