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Steering Linkage

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While the old and new axles share dimensions between steering arms, the old steering linkage is an inverted Y-style. This setup was used through 2008 on the Dodge Ram trucks and is less desirable than an inverted T-style. The inverted Y-style causes changes in toe-in when the suspension cycles and can lead to goofy tire wear and even death wobble. From 2009 on the inverted T-style eliminates the change in toe-in but can lead to a vague feel in the steering due to the drag link end at the tie rod rolling before pushing on the tie rod. This super-stout Mopar linkage available at KLM Performance eliminates both problems with the inverted T-style architecture by running the drag link tie-rod end vertically through the tie rod. The company also has a Borgeson-sourced linkage available.