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Rear Brake Line

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We tried to re-use our factory parts wherever we could, and that included the factory hard rear brake lines. However, in going from drum to disc, we needed to come up with some new parts. We got the 8-inch flexible line (Dorman PN H97664) from our local parts store. This line is the right length to go from the rear caliper to the axle and has the correct 3⁄16-inch flare fitting to work with the factory rear brake lines. The banjo bolts (Carlson PN H9471-2) were used at all four corners and came with the copper crush washers. The proper way to do this is to use weld-on tabs to retain the junction of the hard and rubber brake lines, and we got ours from Industrial Metal Supply. We then took about 6 inches off the stock ’94 hard lines, reflared them, and secured them to the weld-on tabs with Carlson retaining clips (PN H1457-2).