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Upgraded Dana 60 Axle

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There is no question that swapping from your Dana 50 to a 60 isn’t going to be dirt cheap, but it is likely the most cost effective way you can upgrade your Super Duty with a stronger front axle. We found the swap to be as straight-forward and bolt-in as it gets. U-bolts, steering, and stock brake calipers and rotors all carry over. Given that so many parts interchange, you can look for a 60 without outers, though you will need new inner axleshafts. If you’re only running 37s, maybe even 38s, you can probably get a lot of life out of your Dana 50. For anything larger, the added carrier strength and ring-and-pinion the 60 provides are well worth the investment. The total install time will vary depending on the condition of the donor 60, but it’s not unrealistic to have the job finished in a day with the right parts, tools, and know-how.