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EZ Axle Upgrades - Manual Hubs

Auto Locking Hubs
Rick Péwé | Writer
Posted January 1, 2006

Simple Manual Hubs from Warn

This Sidekick came with auto locking hubs, which don't always work, and aren't recommended for being towed to the trail. Simply jack up the rig, remove the tire and wheel, then pop off the auto-lock cap.

Axle upgrades are a cornerstone of wrenchingon your 4x4, whether you're just topping off the gear oil or installing ball joints and a ring-and-pinion. While all of these upgrades are considered easy by some, we've chosen three simple ones which anyone can do in a few hours. These upgrades greatly increase the reliability, strength, and safety of your rig.

Locking hubs were one of the first aftermarket wheeling items and are still an important add-on. These units disconnect the front axle from the wheels while on the street, allowing for less drag on the drivetrain, and increasing fuel economy. Not all vehicles can benefit from this setup, but if you have auto locking hubs or drive flanges on your older rig (and not equipped with a full-time transfer case), then this is a simple mod you can do in an hour, and some models start just under $100.


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