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STaK 4x4 Monster Box Transfer Case - The Big 3

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Fred Williams
| Brand Manager, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road
Posted January 1, 2006

STaK 4x4's Monster Box three-speed transfer case

When it comes to wheeling, options rule. There is a new player in the transfer-case aftermarket, and the new STaK 4x4 three-speed Monster Box has more options than anything else currently available. Wondering why you would need a three-speed transfer case when your stock two-speed has worked great up until now? The multiple ratios give your 4x4 the ability to explore different terrains. In the rocks, drop it into 5.44:1 low range and crawl to your hearts content. Need a little more wheelspin for the dunes or mud? Shift up into the midrange of 3.05:1. When it's time to go home you still have the standard 1:1 high range for highway speeds.


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The STaK unit is a smart upgrade for those four-wheelers who visit a wide variety of terrain, yet still want or need to do street driving, or those who have built their truck specifically for one terrain, but now want to explore something new. It allows you to run higher axle gearing so that at highway speeds you are not spinning the engine at excessive rpm, yet still offers the control of granny gearing for slow descents and technical climbs. Having multiple gearing choices is especially useful if your 4x4's engine doesn't have a lot of power or a wide powerband since you can make up for it with torque multiplication when needed.

There is one major downfall of the Monster Box: It's a monster. Weighing 153 pounds, this beast is more than twice the weight of a stock Jeep Wrangler NP231, but with all that weight comes gears that dwarf stock Jeep parts.

So is it worth it? As this story goes to print, the Monster Box is listed at $2,800, and though it is new to the market, the folks at STaK have been testing it under their personal vehicles with great success. If you're looking for options, this is definitely one with many options inside.


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