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Suzuki Polyethylene Tank - Morezuki Mileage

Posted in How To: Transmission Drivetrain on July 1, 2006 Comment (0)
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Our Suzuki Samurai project was running great until it fell over on our last off-road adventure. Once back on all fours, it started stuttering and stalling and hardly had any power. When we shut off the ignition it would start back up and run fine for a while before the stuttering would start again. When we pulled the fuel filter, gobs of rusty fuel dripped out and we deduced that our stock steel fuel tank was in dire straits. Apparently the old tank had rusted a bit while sitting derelict for a year or two before we purchased it, and then when the 'Zuki was laid on its side the fuel washed that rust down into the bottom where the pickup was sucking it up. We looked at the options and determined that a new polyethylene tank from Petroworks would not only assure no future filters would be clogged with crimson flecks of oxidized steel, but it also would afford us 5 extra gallons of fuel capacity over the stock 10-gallon unit. The install was fairly painless, but there were a few unexpected expenses along the way.

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