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On the axle side, Cole welded the CAGE track-bar bracket against the axle and radius-arm axle bracket. A 3/8-inch plate steel was used to fabricate it, but the production weld-on brackets will very likely be made from 1/4-inch, which is more than adequate. The 3/8-inch steel is a bit thick and very hard to bend, which made it extremely difficult to snug up the track bar in the bracket with the track-bar bolt. In front of the bracket welding, you'll notice some very factorylike steering components. Well, that's because it is; nothing custom here. Though custom tie rods and drag links can obviously be made, we opted for the cheapskate plan and used '91 F-350 steering linkage to match the axle. It bolted directly into the CAGE drop pitman arm. For suspension heights over 6 inches tall we suggest using an aftermarket steering arm and a custom drag link, as the angle starts to get a little steep during full suspension droop.