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Jeep JK Rock Jock Centersection - Ironman Jocks

Rear Axle
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted September 1, 2007
Photographers: Currie Enterprises

Currie's Custom 60 Iron Centersections

When Currie's aluminum Rock Jock debuted a few years ago, it came on the market as a great com-petitor's axle. Its lightweight SAE 206-T6 aluminum centersection (26 pounds!) mixed with hardcore heavy-duty parts gave many of its owners a winning advantage over standard axles with their covers slung in a vulnerable position. It found a home in many trail rigs as well, and we even know people who drive daily on them.

But aluminum axles are generally not recommended for your everyday street truck or Jeep. So Currie decided to introduce a new, more competitively priced ductile iron Rock Jock centersection that still weighs in at less than a standard Dana 60 pumpkin, keeps the differential cover at 60 degrees (true to the Rock Jock design), and maintains the highest ground clearance (for a 60) on the market.


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