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Custom 4x4 Axles Buyers Guide - Buy It Built

Geartech Heavy Duty
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4WD & Sport Utility
Posted April 1, 2008

Custom Axle Buyer' S Guide

If You're In The Market For A Complete Axle Upgrade but don't feel like rummaging through junkyards or the classifieds, then take a look at some of the industry's leaders in aftermarket axles. From the toyota 8-inch to 5-ton rockwells, you're bound to find one of these companies itching to build you your dream axle. Many of them use advanced techniques and machinery to create hybrid axles to fit any wheeler's budget or build plans. Want a stronger axle, but feel the need to keep things a little more on the stock side? no problem. Many of the aftermarket builders design the axles to allow you to maintain factory ABs, stability control, and suspension points so you can keep things the way the factory intended. if you are more of a backyard builder, then a bare housing might be more your speed. Either way you spin it, by the time you get one of these aftermarket beauties delivered to your doorstep, you'll be looking for a place to mount it on the wall, not under your rig. yeah, they look that good.

Who They Are: Geartech Heavy Duty
What They Do: From axles and adapters to transmissions and transfer cases, they have a wide variety of in-house drivetrain components for your rig.
What's New: geartech's 5-on-5.5 aluminum hub conversion for the gM 14-bolt rear axle that is used in conjunction with the company's disc-brake conversion using GM 1/2-ton calipers.
Information: geartech Heavy Duty, 601.899.9831,

Who They Are: Dynatrac
What They Do: practically reinventing the Dana axle, Dynatrac can build you something as extreme as a Dana 80 or as mild as a Dana 44. All built to customer specs and with plenty of in-house options such as the free-spin hub conversions and stub-Hub kits.
What's New: Bolt-in prorock 60s for the new Jeep Wrangler Jk that can be outfitted with both the stub-Hub kit and Dynaloc hubs for superior strength and clearance. the axles are also ABs and stability Control compatible.
Information: Dynatrac products, 714.596.4461,

Who They Are: Tera Manufacturing
What They Do: Manufacture custom Dana 44, 50, and 60 axles in addition to a wide variety of suspension and steering components.
What's New: the CrD50 that combines the tera 44 centersection with beefy 1-ton outers designed for increased ground clearance and strength and can be ordered to bolt right into your Jeep TJ.
Information: tera Manufacturing, 801.288.2585,

Who They Are: Solid Axle industries
What They Do: specialize in complete Dana 44 and 60 axles and components.
What's New: Heavy-duty rear solid 44 replacement tJ axle with dual 5-on-5.5 and 5-on-4.5 bolt pattern, thicker steel tubes, and a lifetime warranty on the powdercoated housing.
Information: solid Axle industries, 888.290.AxlE,

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