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4x4 Truck Axle Parts Buyers Guide - The Great Axle Connection

Posted in How To: Transmission Drivetrain on June 1, 2009
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If you're looking to make upgrades and repairs to your old tired axles or to rebuild junkyard iron, or you need complete replacement assemblies, then you just got lucky! We've gathered a few new products from the top axle and axle-parts manufacturing companies and put together this giant guide. If you don't find what you need, then check out the websites or give them a call.

1. 4x4 Posi-Lok
4x4 Posi-Lok replaces the failure-prone O.E. vacuum and electric front axle engagement systems and allows axle engagement from the inside the cab. Eliminate that old worn-out vacuum shirt motor on Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

4x4 Posi-Lok System

2. Alloy USA
The Alloy USA '03-'06 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon chromoly Dana 44 front axle kit includes 4340 Chromoly shafts that are up to 40 percent stronger than stock 1040 axles. The cold spline-rolling technology in the shafts creates splines that are stronger than cut ones. The kits include everything you need to complete the job: both passenger- and drive-side inner and outer axleshafts, seals, U-joints, and clips.

Alloy Usa

3. ARB
ARB has released the latest Nissan Air Locker. Designed for the M226 Nissan axles found in '05 and later Nissan Frontiers, Titans and Xterras. The locker features a timed locking mechanism that optimizes the Air Locker's internal gear mesh in the locked configuration and increases the unlocking speed at the touch a switch.

Arb Usa

4. ATS Diesel
ATS Protector differential covers are cast and machined in the USA and available for Dodge, Ford, and GM trucks. Fluid capacity is increased at least 2.5 quarts, and heat reduction is provided via the integrated heat sink. Powdercoating locks out moisture. The Protector Line features large magnetic drain plugs and easy-fill points for simple servicing.

ATS Diesel

5. Auburn Gear
The ECTED electronically controlled traction enhancing differential, provides the user with a selectable limited slip or locker mode. The ECTED functions as a performance limited slip differential and a solid locker when actuated. Available for the AMC 20; the Dana models 30, 35, and 44; the Dana 50 for front axles; the Ford 8.8; and the GM 8.5, 10-bolt, 87/8, and 12-bolt.

Auburn Gear

6. AxleTech
This Portal bolt-on conversion for Dana 60 axles offers four-gear design, with no reverse rotation gearing or flipped differentials required. The 1.5:1 reduction ratio is for increased wheel torque without increased stress on the ring-and-pinion. The ends also include a heavy-duty vented rotor with Wilwood four-piston calipers.

AxleTech International

7. BDS Suspension
A full line of heavy-duty differential guards is now available and designed with clearance, approach angle, and protection in mind. These guards are made with a 7/8-inch solid front barand have 5/8-inch solid steel supports.

BDS Suspension

8. Blue Torch
The Dana 50/60/70 diff cover is designed like all of the Kryptonite diff covers, is fabricated with 1/4-inch steel plate for the cover, and has a 3/8-inch steel ring for the base. With a 3/8-inch-thick steel ring, the cover is built to resist "peel up" as you drag your diff over rocks and other terrain. The fill plugs have a CNC-machined boss that extends out to protect the plug.

Blue Torch FabWorks

9. Boyce Equipment & Parts
Boyce Equipment's 14-bolt rear axle bolt-on disc brake kits can be ordered with standard brakes or an E-brake design. The systems fit 15-inch wheels and up and use standard OEM replacement parts. Kit comes with all parts and hardware for easy installation.

Boyce Equipment & Parts

10. BTB Products
Lift kits may change the original driveline lengths and pinion angles at the differential. To correct the pinion angle problem, BTB Products offers the 6-Degree Axle Shim Kit. The shims are made from a high-grade steel and measure 5 by 21/2 inches with a 5/8-inch center hole and are sold in pairs.

BTB Products

11. Currie Enterprises
New from Currie is the bolt-in TJ RockJock frontend package. The system includes all components to do a complete job. Package features the housing with all heavy-duty bracketry installed, a track bar, a track-bar brace and bracket, a tie-rod and drag link, inner axles, and all necessary installation hardware.

Currie Enterprises
714. 367.2226

12. Crane Hi Clearance
The Crane differential covers are made from 8620 chrome-moly steel and have a built-in, recessed bolt design. The covers also use 12-point counter-bore bolts that allow for correct torque.

Crane Hi Clearance

13. CTM
CTM U-joints offer a fully rebuildable, unique design. As long as the cross or caps are intact then the seals, bushings and clips can be replaced indefinitely. These U-joints are designed for use with full-circle clips, which means they need to be installed on chromoly axleshafts. CTM U-joints use a bronze sleeve that shows little to no wear.


14. Drive Train Specialists
DTS Custom Service manufacturers complete bolt-in assemblies, or the company can build them to your specifications. DTS builds new 12-bolts, Dana 44s, 60s, Ford 9-inch, and 8.8 axles. DTS also custom-rebuilds and modifies other axles from cores.

Drive Train Specialists

15. Dynatrac
The new Trail-Series 44 front and rear axles are for Jeep YJ, TJ, and JK. These New Generation (product name: KM) bolt-in Dana 44 axles are loaded with big shafts, 1350 front axle joints, high-strength gears, bigger brakes, a selectable electric locker, and heavy-duty high-pinion housings.


16. Eaton/Detroit Locker
These new Eaton ELockers are engineered for Dana 30 and Dana 35 Jeep axles in both stock 27-spline and high-performance 30-spline. The Eaton ELocker goes from fully open to full lockup at the touch of a button. Installation of these ELockers will keep a Jeep well mannered on the highway and provide spoollike traction off-road.

Eaton Corp.

17. Extreme Off-Road
These Dana 60 35-spline drive flanges are made from 8620 steel and heat-treated for strength. The drive flanges feature a greased fitting and are sold in pairs. When the hub is full of grease, there's no room for mud or water.

Extreme Off-Road Products

18. Fab Fours
Fab Fours now offers this 14-bolt differential cover. It's built from 1/4-inch plate steel on the cover and 3/8-inch-thick plate steel on the ring. The Fab Fours diff cover is TIG-welded, and the logo is CNC-machined into the front of the cover.

Fab Fours Inc.

19. G2 Axle & Gear
G2 releases its new chromoly axleshafts. Manufactured from high-quality 4340 alloy steel, these axles are engineered with increased material around bearing caps and are machined to accept full-circle clips. The G2 alloy shafts are available for Dana 30, 44, and 60 axles.

G2 Axle & Gear

20. LubeLocker
LubeLocker Gaskets are perfect for rockcrawlers and desert racers. The orange elastomer beading, with its rubber-coated steel core construction, keeps its seal even if the differential cover shifts. These gaskets save time and are far less messy when you're removing and installing differential covers.


21. Mag-Hytec
These high-capacity differential covers are available for most Dodge, Ford, Chevy, and GMC diesel and gas trucks. They are aircraft-quality aluminum and black poweredcoated, and they add cooling and ease of servicing to the differential fluids. Magnetic dipsticks and drain plugs help filter metallic debris to extend fluid life.


22. Mile Marker
Remove the nonserviceable parts on the front end of your XJ, YJ, or TJ and replace them with fixed spindles and lockout hubs for superior strength, improved fuel economy, and smooth performance. The kit offers ease of maintenance, a much smoother ride, better steering control, greater fuel economy, and longer axle and driveshaft life.

Mile Marker

23. Mopar
The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon front and rear axle assemblies provide the next level of off-road performance for your CJ, YJ, or TJ. These axles are shipped with current Wrangler Rubicon suspension mounting brackets installed. These axles come completely assembled with 4.10 gears, disc brakes, and a locking differential. A limited slip rear axle assembly is also available.


24. M.O.R.E.
Mountain Off Road Enterprises has a complete line of axle brackets to help with installing a stronger axle into your Jeep. The firm specializes in the Ford 8.8 axle swaps for Jeep XJ, TJ, and YJ, but many of these brackets can be used on a variety of other axle applications.

Mountain Off Road Enterprises

25. Moser
Moser's Max 44 and 60 front performance axles are made from aircraft-quality 4140 American metals forged in the USA. The entire axleshaft is thru-hardened for maximum strength. The Max axles are beefed up in the yoke area reinforcing the shafts in critical stress-sensitive points. Even with a larger yoke surface, Max shafts are able to turn 43 degrees.

Moser Engineering

26. Ten Factory
Ten Factory offers a complete line of high-performance axleshafts, including chromoly front and rear shafts, and complete kits in both stock and higher spline-count applications.Ten Factory offers 4340 chromoly front kits for '72-'09 Jeep applications, plus performance rear axles for Jeep, GM, Ford, and Dodge vehicles.

Ten Factory

27. Nitro Gear
Nitro now offers 4.56 and 4.88 ring-and-pinions for the Toyota FJ Cruiser and late-model Tacoma, as well as the first 4.88 ratio ring-and-pinion for the Chrysler 8.25-inch commonly found in the Jeep XJ. Nitro ring-and-pinions feature a two-year warranty andare made from the highest-quality forgings using state-of-the-art CNC machining.

Nitro Gear

28. Oasis
Front and rear Oasis differential covers are available for '03-'08 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks. The covers are constructed from A356.2 aluminum alloy to protect your pickup's running gear from both heat and road hazards. These differential covers feature a fill plug and a magnetic drain plug and have beefy 1/4- to 3/8-inch walls, with a 1/2-inch flange, making them significantly stronger than stock covers.

Oasis Differential Covers

29. Offroad Design
ORD's offers all the pieces to swap a 14-bolt GM into the rear of just about anything. The 14-bolt is a tough axle and can usually be found at a great price. The kit includes new HD U-bolt plates with Grade-8 U-bolts; beefy, fully boxed spring perches; new shock mounting tabs; and a conversion U-joint or yoke to match your driveshaft. Offroad Design can also set you up with a ring-and-pinion to match the front, disc brakes,and several locking diff options.

Offroad Design

30. Off-Road Unlimited
Stock steering components are usually inadequate for trucks with raised suspensions. Severe angles are created, which reduces the turning radius and can cause binding and broken rod ends. ORU's Crossover Steering Kit solves these problems and includes a pitman arm, a drag link, a drag link ends with jam nuts, and a custom steering knuckle that includes the bock, ARP studs, and steering arm. Kits are available for Dana 44, 50, and 60.

Off-Road Unlimited

31. Ox Locker
Ox lockers are completely forged assemblies and are made from heat-treated 8620 steel. They feature an exclusive four-spider-gear design and a back-cut gear-toothlocking ring and locking gear for maximum locking force. This is a 100-percent mechanical design with cable and shifter. Air and electric actuators are now available.

Ox Locker

32. Poly Performance
These high-quality Jeep Wrangler JK ring-and-pinion gearsets are made from the best 8620 gear-steel forgings the company could find. The gears are CNC-machined and heat-treated to exacting specifications. Each gear is finished with extra lapping for an ideal contact pattern and smoother, quieter operation.

Poly Performance Inc.

33. Powertrax
The Powertrax by Richmond Gear combines the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential with the traction of a locking differential. A precise synchronization mechanism eliminates the ratcheting sound typical of other locking differentials. A special gear and spring design reduces the backlash and driveline windup. Installing is simple--no ring-and-pinion setup, special tools, or oils required.

Richmond Gear

34. Quality Gear
Quality Gear has just introduced its line of Predator axles. The shafts are made from 4340 chromoly alloy steel and are designed to withstand the punishments of hard-core off-roading. Predator axles are 39-percent stronger than stock front axles and are extremely hard to twist or break.

Quality Gear

35. Randy's Ring & Pinion
Yukon Gear & Axle has just released its high-performance dropouts for the Ford 9-inch differential. The dropouts are available in both nodular iron and aluminum for both large- and small-bearing applications. The features include 5/8-inch cap bolts for the nodular iron diff and a through-bolt design for the caps in the aluminum type. These dropouts are perfect for rockcrawling or any application where extreme strength is needed.

Randy's Ring & Pinion

36. Red River
If you're looking for parts for your 2 1/2-ton Rockwell axles, you might want to give Red River a call. With multiple warehouses stocked to the gills with new and used military parts, Red River has everything you need, from outer axle seals and axleshafts to complete axle assemblies.

Red River Parts and Equipment

37. Reid Racing
Replace the weak unit-bearing outers on your Jeep Dana 30s with super-strong bolt-on Dana 44 outers. This adapter steering knuckle bolts onto your existing Dana 30 housing and accepts Dana 44 spindles, hubs, and brakes, which also allows you to use lockout hubs. Provisions on the knuckle allow you to bolt on high steer arms. Direct bolt-on replacements for YJ, TJ, XJ, WJ, ZJ, MJ D30, and TJ Rubicon D44.

Reid Racing Inc.

38. Riddler Mfg.
The innovator of the lip-free, ramp-design differential cover offers differential protection that fits most popular off-road axles. The differential covers are cast from high-grade ductile iron using an automated molding process and CNC machining for ultimate quality and consistency. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Riddler Mfg.

39. Rockcrusher
The Rockcrusher high-pinion 60R features a Tri-Flow design with three oiling galleries for reduced pinion bearing wear. The differential is cast from heat-treated, 100-percent ductile steel. It features three integrated mounting plates with eight tapped holes for custom suspension links.


40. Rough Country
These tough differential guards are now available from Rough Country. They are constructed from high-strength 1/4-inch steel; are available for Dana 30, 35, and 44 axles; and feature drain plug clearance.

Rough Country Suspension Products

41. Rubicon Express
These axle bracket kits are laser-cut from 3/16- and 1/4-inch cold-rolled steel and then CNC-formed for precision and strength. Upgrade the stock brackets on your existing axle before they fail, or use these to outfit your custom axle builds. Rubicon Express brackets are available as a complete kit or separately. Bracket kits available for most models of Jeep.

Rubicon Express

42. Spidertrax
The Spider 9 axle is designed with ultra-high ground clearance, compact size, 50-degree turning knuckles, two-piece billet 4340 and 300M axleshafts, and up to 14-inch-diameter rotors. Spidertrax designed these specifically with the home builder in mind. The company offers complete roller kits as well as free engineering drawings to get your custom axle project off the ground. /

Spidertrax Off-Road

43. Superior Axle & Gear
The Super 8.8 axle system features a 35-percent increase in strength over stock axles. These systems fits '98 and newer Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer housings with disc brakes. The kit includes two USA-made 4340 chromoly axles, two heavy-duty machined axle retainers with spacer rings, 3/4-ton Timken rollers, and two C-Clip eliminators.

Superior Axle & Gear

44. Summit Racing
Summit Value Packs are designed to save enthusiasts money and time. These Value Packs are an easy way to change your ring-and-pinion gears. They take all of the guesswork out and include a ring-and pinion-gear, a ring-and-pinion gear installation kit, a friction modifier, limited slip gear lube, and even an installation DVD.

Summit Racing

45. Tera Flex
Tera's bolt-in CRD60R rear axle features JK-specific, stronger-than-factory bracketry, a heavy-duty oversized outer pinion bearing for strength and heat reduction, and maximum control-arm and trackbar adjustability. Also featured is compatibility with the factory sensor control system information ESP, ABS, and speedometer sensor. The 60CRD also features rolled splines for a stronger shaft, and the 4140 chromoly shafts are available with either 5-on-5 or 5-on-51/2 bolt patterns./

Tera Flex

46. Trail Tough
Double Tough Gen V front axles are the strongest Suzuki Samurai front axles the company has ever offered. The axles are made from 4340 chromoly and feature rolled splines and a Mikronite finish. The shafts are recommended for use with tires 35 inches and up.

Trail Tough Products

47. TSM Mfg.
What's an axle conversion without a quality set of disc brakes? Convert the axle's rear drum brakes to a modern disc brake system with a TSM bolt-on conversion. It offers better braking power, less unsprung weight, and a better ride. Disc brakes will also eliminate problems with mud and water.

TSM Mfg.

48. Warn
The Warn premium 1-ton hub is designed for hardcore use. The all metal construction and ZA alloy dial ensure years of reliable functioning. This dial requires a full nine-tenths of a turn to ensure positive engagement of the inner drive gear to the clutch ring.

Warn Ind.

49. West Coast Differentials
The new Sierra Gear ring-and-pinion sets and installation kits for '07 and newer Jeep JKs are now available. These gearsets come in 4.88, 5.13, and 5.38 ratios for the Dana 44 and in 4.88 and 5.13 for the Dana 30 front. The Dana 44 ring gears have been double-drilled to fit both carriers.

West Coast Differentials

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