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Chrysler Automatic Transmission Tech!

Posted in How To: Transmission Drivetrain on October 1, 2010
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Automatic transmissions aren't something most enthusiasts readily repair or upgrade since most teardowns require advanced mechanical skill. However, some performance mods and upgrades for transmissions aren't as complicated as you might think.

After we put 150,000 miles on our project Grand Cherokee, its torque converter locked up, which gave us the opportunity to upgrade and install a new performance torque converter and valvebody with a shift kit. We contacted the guys at Truck Turbo & Transmission in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and ordered a torque converter and a valvebody for the ZJ's 44RE transmission. The torque converter will provide better shifting, strength, and longevity and will hopefully help the fuel economy. The valvebody is the brains of the transmissions and will provide improved shifting performance over the factory transmission.

Truck Turbo & Transmission's torque converters are built to HD specs and feature internal modification for increased energy transfer to the transmission. The valvebody uses custom internal parts, which provide cleaner shifting and improved oiling to the different sections of the transmission. Billet valves inside the valvebody allow for altered oil flow rates and change the hydraulic apply pressure to the gear sections of the transmission.

We had the guys at Overkill Engineering in Nuevo, California, help us with the installation. With their knowledge of transmission rebuilds and repairs, we had the torque converter and valvebody in the tranny and back in the Jeep in one day. After a few test runs with the hopped-up transmission we noticed increased power and torque performance levels in the old Grand with quick and clean shifting through the transmissions gears.

We removed the transmission from the Jeep to install the valvebody and torque converter. After the transmission is separated from the engine the torque converter can easily be pulled from the bellhousing. The oil pan needs to be removed and the trans fully drained of all fluid. Then remove the shift levers, which will allow the valvebody to drop once it's unbolted.
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