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Custom and Prebent Brake Line Basics

Jeep Front Shot
Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted May 1, 2011

Braking Safety Made Easy

Horsepower and torque are usually our first thoughts when building, modifying, or restoring a trail rig. Braking usually takes a backseat to other performance components. We've run across a number of super-cool trail rigs, but have time and time again noticed the cobbled-together and barely working brake system. Brakes are without a doubt the most important part of any build due, a fact that has hit home if you've ever had your 4x4 teetering on the brink of destruction at the edge of a shelf road or cliff!

Over time the brake systems of our 4x4s degrade and rust and become contaminated, leading to major safety concerns. We have had brakes fail and felt the wrong peddle hit the metal a number of times. Careful attention and planning should always be at the forefront of any build for the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Classic Tube and ABS Power Brake manufacturer quality brake system components for complete replacement systems and custom applications. Both companies can provide the proper components for vehicle modifications like axle swaps, suspension lifts, and complete restorations.


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