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Building A Better Dana 44 Axle

Posted in How To: Transmission Drivetrain on June 1, 2011
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For decades the Dana 44 has supplied Jeeps, Fords, Dodges, and Chevys with an excellent middleweight differential. Though the 44 has held its own throughout the years, it is often overshadowed by its heavyweight big brother, the Dana 60. Though the Dana 60 is a much stronger axle right out of the box, it is also a much heavier and expensive axle assembly. And in these modern times of conserving fuel and money, the last thing we want to do is add more weight under our 4x4s.

So what’s a wheeler to do if he needs more strength from his 44, but doesn’t want the heavyweight and hassle of stepping up to a Dana 60? The answer comes in two parts. Are you looking to run 40-inch-plus tires and a million horsepower? If the answer is yes, then even a well-built Dana 44 might not work for you. One the other hand, if you are a somewhat conservative wheeler and want to get the most out of your middleweight axle, then you just might be in luck.

Since the Dana 44 is more common under the front of a 4x4, we’ve compiled a few of the latest Dana 44 front axle goodies, tips, and tricks that are all designed to let you get more out of your middleweight front axle.

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