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Edge Evolution CTS Tuner

Posted in How To: Transmission Drivetrain on May 25, 2013
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The automotive aftermarket has never been on technology’s leading edge. Fortunately, smartphones and other personal electronics have influenced automotive accessories. Consumers now expect their electronic gadgets to multitask and have applike expandability.

An example of an automotive product that follows this philosophy is the Edge Evolution CTS tuner. It combines the company’s Evolution power programming with a 4.3-inch color touchscreen, mimicking button-free smartphone functionality. The CTS is also customizable and expandable.

Power programmers typically bundle more-aggressive fueling with engine-monitoring capability. On the power side, the Edge Evolution CTS for the ’99-’03 7.3L Power Stroke offers three performance levels: advertised Level 1 gains of 60 hp/100 lb-ft, stepping up to 80 hp/160 lb-ft for Level 2, and topping out at 100 hp/200 lb-ft for Level 3. Dyno numbers posted on various enthusiast forums validate these claims.

The Evolution CTS pulls data from the OBD-II port. Above and beyond the normal gauge readings, the 7.3L Power Stroke application monitors accelerator pedal position, engine oil temp, injector pulse width, transmission temperature, turbo boost, wastegate control duty cycle, and more. The unit can also read and clear Check Engine codes (DTCs), recalibrate the speed readout for aftermarket tire diameter and/or gearing, and also log zero- to 60-mph and quarter-mile acceleration times.

Feature updates can be installed by attaching the CTS to a computer’s USB port. Also, Edge’s software lets the customer customize the gauge display online with a choice of backgrounds or with customer-uploaded images.

Reminders and alerts are also built in. A Maintenance Minder feature allows programming in intervals for fluid changes, brake pads, filters, tires, and more. Audible trouble warnings are also programmable when acceptable maximums are exceeded. These parameters include EGT (if the optional thermocouple is plumbed in), engine temp, RPM and MPH.

Available options might be the best part of the Evolution CTS. Kind of like the old SCSI system for computer peripherals, Edge offers daisy-chainable accessories. These include a turbo timer, a thermocouple EGT probe, and additional engine sensors.

The unit also has an RCA video-in jack. It’s primarily intended for the optional Edge license-plate-frame backup camera. However, other video sources can be played on the CTS’s 4.3-inch screen.

Mounting options include pillar mounts and suction cups. The optional Edge 7.3L Power Stroke dash pod attaches with adhesive hook-and-loop tabs. Data comes through an OBD-II lead, and the system gets power and ground at the fuse box.

This system is proof that owners of older trucks are interested in integrating modern tech whenever possible. DPF-choked fuel economy and high prices for new diesel trucks have created a resurgence in hot-rodding the previous generation of diesel pickups. In fact, Edge says that 7.3L Power Stroke products are still some its bestsellers.

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