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Semi Floating Axle

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There are also semifloating Dana 60s and semifloating 14-bolts. Semifloat and full-float 60s are similar, but the semifloat 14-bolt is entirely different from the full-float 14-bolt. The semifloat 14-bolt has a 9 1/2-inch ring gear while the full-float has a 10 1/2-incher. For an overview of all the 60s-semifloat, full-float and front 60-see "Guide to Dana 60s," Mar. '97. For this article, 14-bolt means the GM 10 1/2-inch full-floater and 60 means the full-floater rear Dana 60. Also, Spicer and Dana are the same company; Spicer 60 and Dana 60 refer to the same axle design.