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Lined Up Axle Shock Mounts 1

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6. Luckily, the Wagoneer axle’s shock mounts lined up in the rear (with the frame mounts) and we easily lined up the fronts since we used Sky’s weld-on Toyota shock hoops. But at ride height, our front 12-inch-stroke Rancho shocks had only a few inches of compression travel. While it was at Revolution Vehicle Dynamics, Mike figured out a solution. He realized he could cut off the front axle’s original shock tabs off the housing and reverse the U-bolt plates from left to right. The Wagoneer U-bolt plates have single-shear studs coming off of them for sway bar link mounts in front of the axle. By turning the U-bolt plates around, Mike effectively made a new lower shock mount that gave us about 2.5 inches more compression travel. While a single shear mount is not ideal, we believe it will be strong enough for this application.