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Junkyard Built Dana 44, Part II

Posted in How To: Transmission Drivetrain on June 11, 2007 Comment (0)
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In the last issue, we built up a junkyard-scrounged Honda Passport Dana 44 rearend for our four-banger '98 TJ. This axle allowed us to run disc brakes, bigger shafts, 5.89 gears, and a Detroit Locker. We gained serious traction and beef, all held in place with stout, weld-on axle brackets that you can install at home. This month, you'll find the buildup of possibly the best uncut front axle you can get at the junkyard for a YJ or KJ.

This axle is also a Dana 44, but it comes from a Jeep-namely '80-and-later FSJ Wagoneers. It has a driver-side drop differential, making it perfect for newer Jeeps with chaindriven, aluminum transfer cases. It's an extremely beefy assembly that features 2 3/4-inch diameter axletubes, desirable internal-spline locking hubs, 30-spline axleshafts, and big disc brakes (just like a 1/2-ton Chevy/GMC truck, Blazer, or Suburban 4x4). It also allows the use of any Dana 44 internal parts like our Yukon Gear 5.89 ring-and-pinion and Detroit Locker from Eaton. Perhaps the best part is that this axle matches the 6-on-5 1/2 lug pattern and width of our rear Honda Dana 44 axle. Here's how you put it in yourTJ.

Housing, knuckles, hubs, spindles, and yoke from junkyard $350
Suspension brackets from Dynatrac $400
Yukon 5.89 gears $191
Yukon master install kit $129
Detroit Locker $579
Gear install labor $250
Ball joints, upper and lower, on both sides $89
U-joints $55
Brake lines $40
Calipers $45
Brake pads $22
Rotors $70
Wheel bearings ${{{90}}}
Spindle stud kit (all 12) $13
Seals $15
Spindle nuts and washer(per side) $9
{{{Wagoneer}}} tie rod $150
Drag-link ends $80
Inserts $24
Jam nuts $8
Tubing $40
  Total: $2,649
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Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Rubicon Express
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Eaton/Detroit Locker
Randy's Ring & Pinion
Everett, WA 98204


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