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Drum Brake

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Disc brakes weren’t standard on Jeeps until 1977. Drum-brake-equipped axles use a six-bolt, external-body hub (shown). With the exception of FSJ Dana 44 disc brake axles, most Jeep disc-brake-equipped axles use a five-bolt, external-body hub. Both six- and five-bolt hubs employed bolts with locking tabs to retain the locking hub dial to the hub body. With heavy use, the hub bolts work themselves loose and then the hub body explodes. Replacing the bolts with studs helps with hub body retention. If you have a drum-brake Dana 30, you can swap components from a ’60s or ’70s drum-brake Bronco Dana 44 front axle to get internal body hubs. You’ll need the Bronco stub shafts, spindles, and hubs. It’s a cheap and easy way to get internal-body hubs on a drum-brake Dana 30. We haven’t tried to see if the kingpin Dana 30 Bronco stuff will fit on a Dana 25 or Dana 27, but we think it should.