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Dynatrac Front Axle

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To control quality, in the past Dynatrac built the entire axle assembly. That’s still true with the ProRock 60, but with the pressing need of the JKs, the company now offers the Dana 44 in different levels from bare to loaded with aftermarket gears, locker, and shafts ready to accept your JK knuckles and brakes. All ProRock axles use Dynatrac’s much-improved 3⁄16- to 1⁄4-inch brackets. The ProRock 44 uses the same pinion angle relative to caster (6 degrees separation) as the standard Rubicon housing. With factory Mopar ball joints, you can get this housing for under $2,000. However, if severe wheeling or taller suspension is in the works, the ProRock Unlimited can be had with either 3x0.375- or 3x0.500-inch tubes and increases the pinion angle relative to caster (10 degrees separation).