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Brake Caliper Installed

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Our 49’ CJ-3A runs a narrowed Dodge Dana 44 with six-lug Chevy 10-bolt spindles, hubs, and rotors to match our offset rear Cherokee Chief axle. The front brakes use the same calipers as many solid axle’72-’91 1⁄2-ton 4WD Chevys, some 4WD Dodges, and ’74-’91 fullsize Jeeps. Tossing a set of remanufactured calipers and pads is cheap and easy. The calipers were under $18 each (PN 18-4046 A1 Cardone) with a core charge and the pads ran $28.99 (premium) for all four from our local parts store. We’ve had old calipers grab and not fully release from internal rust build-up before, luckily replacements are available at almost any part store around the country.