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Cadillac El Dorado Rear Brakes

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An old-school trick for running disc brakes on a rear axle of a Jeep and still retain a functional parking brakes is to dig up a set of ’76-’79 Cadillac El Dorado rear calipers (top). These calipers use the same mounting as Chevy 1⁄2-ton front calipers (bottom) so you can find weld-on plates to hold the calipers on almost any rear axle for a disc conversion. Another trick part to look for at the junkyard is Chevy/Dodge/FSJ caliper mounting brackets. These are used in front disc brake conversions on Dana 25s, 27s, and drum brake’d Dana 30s and 44s. You can also combine the Chevy backing plates, El Dorado calipers, and 11⁄8-inch ’80s CJ rotors on Dana 44s with a full-float kit. That means you can run 11-inch rotors and brakes on all four corners of an early CJ-5 or flattie.