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Clutch Bypass Safety Switch

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If your clutch simply can’t be actuated, you can start the Jeep in First gear. You may have to bypass a clutch safety switch to get the engine to turn over in gear. In some TJs, this is as easy as pulling a fuse in other Jeeps you have to dig into the wiring near the clutch pedal and unplug a quick-connect plug and on some Jeeps insert a small supplied jumper wire (shown for a later-model XJ). Once you are moving, shift without the clutch by matching engine rpms. You’ll grind some gears, but you’ll be getting closer to home. When you have to stop, pop the tranny in Neutral and use the brakes. Then restart in First gear to get going again. If you suffer a complete loss of friction material or broken pressure plate components, you’ll have to somehow shove stuff (like sticks or pieces of a beverage can) between the pressure plate and flywheel to get enough friction to get home.