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Jeep AMC 20 Axle Tech

Posted in How To: Transmission Drivetrain on November 1, 1998
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Many folks may wonder why anyone would want to rebuild the Jeep/AMC 20 two-piece rear axle. It's a good question, as this axle is often considered a weak link in most Jeeps that sport it. The most common complaint is the splined two-piece design, which is notorious for spinning under extreme off-road use. If you're going to the trouble to rebuild, some would ask, "Why not install heavy-duty one-piece units?"

The fact is not everyone has the financial means to do this sensible swap. The 20 can be rebuilt with new service components for a fraction of the cost of installing one-piece axles. Furthermore, not everyone will put their Jeeps through the kind of rigors that have been known to claim the 20 in the past. We plan to upgrade to one-piece axles somewhere down the road, but for now the prudent course is to rebuild this 20 to stock specs.

Rebuild components for the Jeep/AMC 20 are not difficult to come by, if you find a quality source. For that task we went to Light Line of Louisiana for axle internals. Light Line is fully stocked with new and used parts for Jeep CJs, Wranglers, and J-trucks, in addition to carrying dealer and aftermarket parts for practically any application. Earlier we ordered the outer axle seals and some components not necessarily included in an inner axle rebuild, along with new brake components from Savanna Jones.

If you would like to upgrade to one-piece axles, the following how-to can also be employed for a successful one-piece installation.

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