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Jeep Wrangler Tj Undercarriage

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Installed in a TJ, the Currie High-Pinion looks right at home. Notice the companion flange on the pinion, which allows greater concentricity and the elimination of overtightened U-bolts on the U-joint. While the driveshaft will need to be modified on one end in retrofit applications, the 1310, 1330, and 1350 series of U-joints are available. The current ratios available are 3.55, 3.73, 4.11, and 4.56, with ratios of 4.88 and 5.14 soon to come. Since the standard 9-inch differential is used, all the popular limited slips and locking diffs are available, including the ARB Air Locker. Axle spline counts of 28, 31, and 35 are available, although currently only the Detroit Locker comes in a 35-spline version.