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This is what the new Wrangler looks like. Being an all-terrain-type tire, it doesn't have the aggressive look of Goodyear's popular MT/R mud tire. But don't let looks fool you. Featuring Goodyear's SilentArmor technology, this new all-terrain is one tough piece of rubber. For starters, Wranglers feature the same Durawall-reinforced sidewalls that have made the MT/Rs famous for their resistance to sidewall cuts and punctures-a fact proven in tough rock-racing competitions. Next, the new Wranglers have a layer of Kevlar, along with two steel belts that make up their tough carcass. Kevlar is a fiber that is, pound for pound, five times stronger than steel. While not only greatly increasing the strength of the tire, Kevlar also soaks up road noise and helps deliver a smoother, quieter ride. The tires also feature a molded-in Rim Guard that protects wheel rims from rock or curb damage.