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Mud Tire Shootout Ninth Place: Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain

Posted in How To: Wheels Tires on April 1, 2011
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Photographers: Cody Kanuscak

The directional Xtreme Mud Terrain features robust, asymmetrical radiused tread blocks with long centralized sipes for added bite. Carcass construction begins with two radial body plies and one angled ply, all of which are polyester. Next, there are two steel plies followed by a final ply made of nylon. The sidewall features three polyester plies that carry the name "Tri-Ply with Triple Tec 3 construction." The sidewall protrusions are interesting to look at, and the flexible carcass has no trouble conforming to terrain when aired down, but it tends to lacks bite in the lower section of the sidewall. Thanks to an average Shore A compound softness of 66, the tires returned a supple ride on- and off-pavement. Climbing Hollister's slippery Truck Hill was easy for the Xtreme Mud Terrain, but when it came to the rutted off-camber section, we experienced excessive tire slip and had to actually engage both front and rear lockers to crest the top of the toughest section. The design cleaned well with wheel speed, but due to somewhat limited side bite, required a heavy right foot to make work. Featuring the second-largest footprint of the group when aired down, we were surprised to find Hollister's terrain so challenging on these meats. The Xtreme Mud Terrain is made in the U.S. and comes in a range of sizes from 30 to 37 inches.

The Bottom Line
The perfect M/T for tow rigs and vehicles that rarely need to be aired down, they're very quiet on the highway, with minimal steering vibration, and feature a 40,000-mile limited tread wear warranty-great for daily drivers.

Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain

The Details
Tire: Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain
Size: 37x12.50R17
Type: Radial
Load range: D
Max load rating (lb @ psi): 3,525 @ 50 psi
Sidewall: 3-ply polyester
Tread: 3-ply polyester, 2-ply steel, 1-ply nylon
Approved rim width (in):10
Tread depth (in): 23/32
Tread width (in): 12.5
Section width (in): 13
Overall diameter (in): 36.9
Static loaded radius (in): 17.2
Revolutions per mile: 563
Claimed weight (lb): 83
Weight as tested (lb): 82, 81.4, 81.6, 83.2
Biting edges per square inch (in): 1.1
MSRP: $387.99


Pro Comp
Compton, CA 90220

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