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Mud Tire Shootout Tenth Place: Maxxis M8060 Trepador

Posted in How To: Wheels Tires on April 1, 2011
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Photographers: Cody Kanuscak

Maxxis International has a strong presence in the U.S. Actively involved in all aspects of off-highway motorsports, the brand offers tires that are highly specialized for extreme recreational and competition use. The Trepador is touted as a desert-racing thoroughbred and has been proven by accomplished Baja racer and marketing partner "Pistol" Pete Sohran. Boasting new improvements in rubber compound, the Trepador is said to have better-than-average tread life on-pavement. The design features four distinctive tread elements with a staggered-lug, multi-stage sidewall. The pattern is directional with a purposeful look. The tread is comprised of long horizontal voids, and we figured they would work well in the mud. However, the pattern seemed to lack the flexibility necessary to keep the tread elements in constant contact with terra firma. Our testing concluded that the tread compound was indeed the stiffest of the bunch, with an average Shore A durometer reading of 71. In the dirt, the pattern worked well to propel our Jeep forward, but when conditions got sloppy, the Trepador did not always deliver predictable traction. On the highway, the Trepador's three-ply polyester sidewalls returned ample stiffness, which resulted in a very stable and predictable on-pavement feel. Our tractive elements test revealed that while the Trepador's footprint was the largest of the group at 10 psi, it provided the fewest amount of biting edges per square inch of the treads tested. During our 100-mile test loop, the Trepador returned an average of 74 decibels of road noise and felt stiffer than most. Made in China, the Trepador comes in a wide range of sizes ranging from from 29- to 40-inch diameters.

The Bottom Line
The Trepador has its place amongst 4x4 enthusiasts, perhaps as a summer tire for tow rigs or for light wheeling and occasional wet trail use. This design is best suited for desert driving scenarios as are found in the Southwestern U.S.

The Details
Tire: Maxxis M8060 Trepador
Size: 37x12.50R17
Type: Radial
Load range: D
Max load rating (lb @ psi): 3,525 @ 50 psi
Sidewall: 3-ply polyester
Tread: 3-ply polyester, 2-ply steel, 1-ply nylon
Approved rim width (in): 10
Tread depth (in): 21/32
Tread width (in): 12.5
Section width (in): 13
Overall diameter (in): 36.75
Static loaded radius (in): 18.4
Revolutions per mile: 586
Claimed weight (lb): 87
Weight as tested (lb): 78, 78.4, 78.7, 76.2
Biting edges per square inch: 1.1
MSRP: $400.00


Suwanee, GA 30024

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