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Hankook Maxi-vantage F19 Trailer Tire

Posted in How To: Wheels Tires on October 1, 2011
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Trailer tires are usually the most overlooked part of a vehicle fleet. In most cases, trailer tires spend a lot of time sitting parked in one place, exposed to direct sunlight and other harsh environmental conditions. Unlike the monster mud-terrain treads that provide excessive traction for your trail rig, mild-mannered trailer tires rarely get any of the attention they deserve—nor are they ever considered a part of the rotation schedule. Heck, most people don’t even bother balancing them. Yet we depend on them for so much.

A bold tread design allows the F19 to provide excellent lateral stability for trailers. The asymmetric groove angles keep lug separation to a minimum, which helps the tire last a long time. Uneven abrasion is diminished by siping on the shoulder areas.

Without a trusty set of treads under your trailer, that extra cash you saved up for that vacation wheeling trip can easily be wiped away by an inconvenient blow-out along a lonely stretch of interstate. And while the infrequent roadside tire shop owner may rejoice at the opportunity to part with a set of off-brand equivalents he’s been sitting on for three years, putting off that planned trailer tire purchase can be a costly ordeal indeed. We recommend shifting your trailer tire renewal strategy into high gear before you think you really need them. If you’re like us, you probably have a lot riding on your trailer tires—and we’re not talking about cargo weight, either.

Recently, we found a new trailer tire that offers excellent value and noteworthy protection from the high heat that can develop while towing a trailer. The Hankook F19 is manufactured in South Korea and features robust 14-ply construction. It is a load range G-rated tire capable of handling 3,330 pounds at 105 psi.

Obviously well suited for highway use, the F19 features four straight grooves to channel water away to help resist hydroplaning.

When it comes to G-rated trailer tires in the 16-inch wheel size, choices are limited. Most are priced well over the $250 mark. As such, the F19, at just over $200 per tire (at time of print) offers a great value. We tested this tread on our 2007 Stellar 40-foot toy hauler and found that they provided great stability and even wear. What we like most about a high-quality tire like the F19 is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tires are up for the job, no matter what road conditions are like. fw

The Details
Tire: Hankook Maxi-Vantage F19 Size: 7.50R16LT
Type: Trailer Load range: G
Max load (lb @ psi): 3,330 @ 105
Sidewall: 2-ply nylon, 1-ply steel
Tread: 2-ply steel, 1-ply nylon
Approved rim width (in): 5.5-7.0
Tread depth (in): 14.5/32
Tread width (in): 5.9
Section width (in): 8.4
Overall diameter (in): 31.9
Static loaded radius (in): 15
Revolutions per mile: 651
Weight (lb): 54


Hankook Tire
Wayne, NJ 07470

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