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Marked Rear Tire

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After finding a flat place where you can drive back and forth for 50 or more feet, position the truck and draw a line across each tire making sure to get chalk in the middle and on the tread blocks closest to the sidewalls. If you can find an area with 100 feet of straight open space, that’s great, but 50 feet forward and 50 in reverse works just about the same. To prevent having to repeatedly move your truck a few feet to check your chalk lines, you can draw lines on the other sides of your tires, too. For the sake of safety, please resist the urge to put your truck in reverse and hang your body out of the door if you can’t get a good look at your chalk lines and need the wheels to turn another 1⁄4- or 1⁄2-turn. The worst part about getting run over by your own truck, other than potential death or horrible injury, is that you will probably become the subject of a story in the local news.