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Vanco Raptor Disc-Brake - Dynamite Dana 30 Deceleration

Posted in How To: Wheels Tires on July 1, 2007
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The Vanco Raptor brake kit comes with dual-piston caliper assemblies bolted to Vanco's brake bracket, and also has modified knuckles, new rotors, brake pads, and new cotter pins. For less than $800, we like the thought of getting better brakes and still being able to fit our 15-inch wheels. The biggest problem with most other brake kits (in our opinion) is that they usually require wheel sizes bigger than we want to use.

When was the last time you locked up the brakes on your Dana 30 axle? Yeah, we thought not. The brakes on the front of Dana 30-equipped Jeep YJs, TJs, XJs, and ZJs have never been anything to brag about. Their mildly acceptable braking performance with stock-sized tires has always translated into a pedal-mashing endeavor when combined with some decent sized off-road treads, and in our opinion that's just not enough stopping safety. A serious (and affordable) brake kit has been long past due, and Vanco has stepped up and created a bitchin' little retrofit kit to fill the niche. The Raptor Dana 30 braking system comes with dual-piston caliper assemblies, new rotors, and modified Dana 30 knuckles that will put a stop to your brake blues, and for less than $800 to boot.

We got a chance to try out a Raptor brake kit and we were amazed at how much more grab it put on the front end. Vanco has some specific brake break-in procedures, and the brakes will most likely continue to get better over the next few hundred miles. How well did the brakes work? Just ask the guy in the passenger seat who was trying to polish the dashboard with his teeth.

Who: Vanco
What It Is: Raptor disc-brake kit
What It Comes With: Twin-piston caliper assemblies, new rotors, modified Dana 30 knuckles
How Much It'll Set You Back: Around $750
Options: You can add a hydroboost system for $450

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The Vanco Raptor brake system is a nice addition to add considerably better stopping power to your Dana 30-equipped Cherokee, Wrangler, Comanche, or Grand Cherokee. But to really get the best of your new kit, you could option up to Vanco's signature hydroboost kit. Vanco claims that this setup will take 37s to a halt on a Dana 30 axle.

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