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Axle Shaft

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4. With the unit bearing off, the axleshaft should slide right out. The knuckles are fairly easy to deal with, but you'll need to man-up a little bit to get them off. First remove the cotter pins and loosen both the upper and lower ball-joint nuts. Use a BFH (sledge, preferably) to knock the knuckle on the side of where the ball joints enter it, and strike down upon it on the flat spot near the upper ball joint. With enough force, an undamaged knuckle should drop off the ball joints. The new knuckles are original factory units, so they will go on the opposite way the old ones came off. Use the supplied new cotter pins as you should never reuse them. Replace the axleshaft and unit bearing, but do not worry about tightening the axle nut up until your brakes are bled and able to hold the rotor from spinning.