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Pressue Pro

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If you have a truck older than 2008 and/or more than 10,000 pound GVWR, you likely don't have any tire-pressure monitoring system installed. If you like the idea there are many aftermarket companies offering products. Hella offers a system that replaces the valve stem and has a dash-mounted readout display, while PressurePro offers outside-of-the-tire sensors and has systems for as few as one tire and all the way up to 34 tires in case you have a multi-axle camper, a trailer, and something on the trailer like your 4x4. We're not fond of an overabundance of gadgets in our 4x4s, but proper tire pressure can lead to better fuel economy, longer tire life, better handling, and added safety, so if a monitoring system will help you keep track of your rubber, then we'd recommend it for you.