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Mickey Thompson ATZ Tire Test

Ram Truck Front Three Quarter
Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted May 1, 2011

Five Months Of Loving An Off-Road Tire

As automotive adventure journalists we drive the heck out of vehicles. In four months' time we can often drive more miles than a long haul trucker. Putting mileage like this under our rigs gives us more than enough time to evaluate a set of tires in a number of conditions. It also gives us the time to put the tires through the mother of all toughness and dependability tests.

In the Jan. '11 issue ("Suspension Checkup") we explained to you that properly maintaining your suspension will help extend the life of your tires. At that time we mounted a set of 35X12.50R/17 Mickey Thompson Baja Radial ATZs on our Ram truck and stuck to our tire maintenance program!

With some minor maintenance such as keeping proper air pressure in them and rotating the tires, the Baja ATZs held up exceptionally well over the past five months, with minimal wear. Given what we have done to the tires there's no unusual road noise from unevenly worn tread lugs, and we haven't experienced any flats, sidewall tears, punctures, or mysterious depressurization. In fact, the tires still look almost like they did the day we slapped them on the truck.


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