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Testing Michelin's XML Military Tires

Military Truck Front Three Quarter
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4WD & Sport Utility
Posted May 1, 2011

Mega Military MT

From U.S. military service trucks to Mercedes-Benz Unimogs around the globe, the Michelin XML has for years been the go-to mud-terrain tire for medium-duty trucks. Along with the XL and XZL, the Michelin XML is designed to handle extreme weight and conditions both on- and off-road. Available in diameters from 38 to 54 inches, the XML is one of the largest and heaviest mud-terrains on the market.

What makes these mega MTs even better is that they can be bought used for a low price. From military surplus yards, eBay auctions, and even Craigslist ads, there's an abundance of the ex-military cleats just waiting to find a new home. A little over a year ago we picked up a used set of 395/85R20 (46x15) XMLs for a song that still had over 85 percent tread left.

Since the XMLs are heavy-duty in every sense, it seemed fitting to place them on an equally HD truck. We found our buddy's bobbed ex-military 21/2-ton deuce-and- a half truck the perfect platform since neither tire nor truck was designed for excessive speed and weight would not be a concern. Though the bobbed deuce hasn't seen too many long jaunts where it resides (the South), it has made for a great local parts runner, light wheeler, and deep-woods recovery vehicle.

Complied here are a few XML things we've learned over the past 12 months.

Michelin XML
Size: 395/85/20 (46x15)
Load Range: G (9,645 lb @ 95 psi)


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