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Testing The Latest Pit Bull Tire

Posted in How To: Wheels Tires on November 1, 2011
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Pit Bull Tires has been making a name for itself on trails all over the U.S. From LT radials and bias-plies to UTV tires and more, Pit Bull’s aggressive styling and high-grip tread designs make your rig look its best and will pull you out of all sorts of trail messes.

Pit Bull has taken its tire design to a whole new level with the latest tire design, the Rock Beast XOR. We wanted to test out the tire and just happened to have finished a new top-secret trail project that would be perfect for us to mount a set of Rock Beasts onto.

Our electric Jeep exposed! Thanks to HPI Racing’s Crawler King rockcrawler we were able to give the Rock Beasts a proper workout on the rocks and in the sand.

We would like to introduce you to our latest rig, an all-electric Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Yes, you read that right. “All-electric,” as in a high-torque electric motor. This is no Prius hybrid we’re talking about but an electric vehicle powered only by battery. The Jeep maintains full four-wheel-drive capability, and we’ve outfit it for crawling with long-travel coilover shocks, beadlock wheels, lockers, and more. We’ll get into the specifics of the Jeep build shortly, but for now let’s concentrate on these new Rock Beast tires and what they can do.

Rock Beast tires are made with Pit Bull’s proprietary Komp Kompound, making them stick to the rocks, even when the trail is wet. We had no problems with traction thanks to this amazing compound. The varied tread blocks and over-the-shoulder tread lugs mean that these tires will bite and bite hard to keep you in the groove, especially in off-camber situations. The Rock Beast does not use a radial carcass, so Pit Bull added internal ribbing to the tire structure for sidewall support and stability. All this adds up to increased control, stability, speed, and contact patch.

The Pit Bull Rock Beast is a variation of Pit Bull’s Rocker LT Radial, a proven tire design that has won Baja, SNORE, CORR, W.E.ROCK, and more.

We can’t really comment on tread block noise because the electric motor at speed pretty much drowns out any tire noise we would have heard. The Rock Beast really lives up to its name and makes for an exceptional R/C crawling tire.

Whoops, did we just say “R/C,” as in radio-controlled? We let the cat out of the bag. Call it a late April Fools gag or just some magazine fun with a cool new product, but the Rock Beasts are for real and so is our electric Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, courtesy of HPI Racing. Though it only has a 12-inch wheelbase, the HPI Crawler King is as trail capable as its full-scale brother. With a 55-turn crawler motor, fully locked diffs front and rear, and real beadlock wheels, the HPI Crawler King is ready to crawl out of the box. Adding the Rock Beasts and Pit Bull’s matching Dos Piezas foam inserts just made it that much more capable!

So if you’re into crawling and want a little between-trails fun, check out the scale crawling hobby and mount up a set of Pit bull Rock Beasts. It’s a blast!

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