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What Now? - Repairing A Cut Tire

Posted in How To: Wheels Tires on March 20, 2014 Comment (0)
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Any Jeeper who spends even a little bit of time off road is asking a lot of their tires. Grabbing the ground, absorbing bumps, churning up the mud all at varying pressures and temperatures there is little question that tires do a lot. Add in the many sharp rocks, sticks, and other road debris, and we all know that sooner or later a flat is gonna occur. When a flat does happen, the simplest course of action is to swap out the damaged tire for your spare. But occasionally spares go flat or get left at camp or home. If you don’t have a functional spare, shame on you. We know this happens, and here’s what you can do—assuming you have a tire repair kit, some bailing wire, and access to on-board air.

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