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Jeep Wrangler Tire Carrier Test - Fab Fours

Posted in How To: Wheels Tires on July 20, 2007 Comment (0)
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Fab Fours:

Model number(s): Y1050
Price As Tested: $1155.00
Material (Bumper): 3/16-inch formed steel plate
Material (Carrier): 1 3/4-inch OD tube and 3/16-inch plate
Latch Type: pull-action clamp
Hinge Type: tapered roller bearing
Hinge Hold Open: automatic (see usage notes)
Recovery Points: D-ring mounts
Receiver Hitch: Yes
Hi Lift Mount: Yes
Frame Tie In: Yes
Max Tire Rating: 40-inch
Available Optional Items: none
Finish: textured powder coat

Instruction Rating (1-5 high): 5

Installation Notes: Everything exactly as the directions said they should. Installation was the easiest of the bunch, to boot. The company credits their design incorporating Jeep's allowed variance in cross member and frame hole locations.

Tools Needed: Simple hand tools

Usage Rating: 4.5

Usage Notes: The only reason this unit didn't get a 5 for usage is the latch. To unlatch, it requires two hands and a good strong tug. Sure it could be adjusted via bending the tab, but at what cost in the rattling department? It's quiet, so we didn't mess with it. The hold open the unit was delivered with bent in short order. We called the company and they told us that they changed the design of the hold open to a stouter unit. We upgraded ours to the new, bigger unit (which will be in all bumpers shipped by the time you read this) and haven't had a problem since.

Rattle Rating (1-5 [being rattle the least]): 5

Vibration Rating (1-5 [5 being vibrated none at all]): 4

Rattle and Vibration Notes: There was no rattling at all, but vibration was noted. Not nearly enough to really worry about, but there was vibration present.

Perceived Durability Rating (1-5 high): 4.5

Perceived Durability Notes: We tried to figure out why it vibrates, and couldn't. Where there is vibration, there is flex. Flex is bending back and forth repeatedly, which metal just doesn't like. The construction is stout. It looks like you could tow with this bumper if you wanted, the shackle mounts are welded in at a few points, the sharp "knife edge" design gives it strength, but still it vibrates. So, we took a .5 points off for the unseen, unknown vibration.

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Fab Fours
Pineville, NC 28134


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