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Moab EJS 2015 Quadratec BBQ - Our Favorite Jeeps

Posted in Moab Experience: 2015 on April 1, 2015
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For over 25 years, Quadratec has been filling the needs of off roaders with their massive selection of parts, and on Tues March 31, they filled the stomachs of those off roaders with home style BBQ, as well.

A blast from our past, this Willy’s Jeep graced the cover of 4 Wheel Drive magazine in November 2011.

Held on the football field of the Moab Red Devils, Quadratrac hosted a get together for anyone who had signed up for any run during the Easter Jeep Safari. And thanks to Quadratrac, the food and drinks were free. The result is that the filed was packed with not only hundreds of enthusiasts, there was a great selection of Jeeps of all model and color on the filed as well.

When not chowing down on the great food, our Four guys were looking over the assembled vehicles. They each had their own favorites and like all Jeep enthusiasts, they got to talking about which one they liked and why. Some went for the over the top, osme went for the most trial ready appearing rig, while others seemed to have a soft spot in their hearts for certain vintage models.

Let’s take a look at what they thought were their favorites and why.

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Ali Mansour's Picks

Four Wheeler

When it comes to a Jeep pickup, I fall into the same category as many others-I want one. The ’97-’06 TJ makes for a great starting platform as it’s not overly wide and has many of the basic requirements needed for a solid base. The FrankenBrute you see here is a great mixture of parts and style. One-ton axles, a custom bed, and cleanly executed cab conversion make it not only look great, but work great as well.

Stetched YJ
Short wheelbase rigs have their place, but when it comes to climbing the big ledges in Moab, Utah, they can fall a little short (see what I did there). This YJ had the size and stretch needed to offer a great break-over angle, in addition to an increased departure angle. The stretch panels looked cleanly placed and the overall look of the rig clean and simple.

The Legends
Love them or hate them, the Legend JK’s from Fab Fours will get your attention. It’s amazing how much effort went into building each one. The Legend one is clearly a show rig, but the Legend 2.whoa is actually built to wheel. Are they over the top? Yes, in just about every aspect. I’m thinking a more thorough write up both is due as there is plenty of tech littered throughout each rig.

Rick Pewe's Picks

Four Wheeler Network

Franken Brute
My top three picks from the Quadratec bbq show were darn easy. First off, the Jeep pickup was always my favorite, and a joy to see here in Moab, Donald is a great fabricator, and taking on this project for a cause was right up my alley. It’s really the attention to detail that he took in this build that really caught my eye. The bed, tailgate, ammo can holders, vintage hood spine, and all the great components just scream out ‘use me!”

Solar XJ
I love XJ Jeeps, and have had a few myself. This Solar Yellow example is built just how I would, complete with the flares that match the widened stance of the little unibody. Clean and simple, this was my second pick.

Ford Flattie
I love flatties of all kind, and when they are nicely done it is a joy. The ’45 GPW Ford built jeep is finished with its of customization n while still retaining it’s true military flavor. What’s really cool is the fact that the date plates indicate the serial number is just a few thousand difference of my own ’45 GPW.

Fred William's Picks

4-Wheel & Off-Road

Jeep CJ-6
The Jeeps are of all shapes and sizes and my favorite was a clean CJ6 that was there with its original Perkins diesel. It was retro cool with Desert Dog tires, patina, and a bench seat. This is what Jeeps look like after years of hard work, perfect!

Fab Fours Mohawk
FabFours had a very wild jeep with either a giant rooster’s comb or a Mohawk on the top. The massive tires and chopped top made it look like nothing else at the show, and though it’s pretty wacky and weird the kids at the dinner really enjoyed it.

The Frankenbrute also garnered a lot of attention because it was so well done. The muted grey color, the well thought out placement of storage bins and the overall layout resulted in a Jeep truck that would be perfect for anything from trail wheeling to hauling lumber. Plus it was all built for a good cause, find out more about it at

Christian Hazel's Picks

Four Wheeler

TJ Pickup
Not only was it built for a very good reason ( but this slick TJ-based pickup conversion sports a ton of neat features and cool parts. The bed is reminiscent of an old Willys pickup bed and the Jeep-embossed tailgate adds just the right touch. There are cool little tricks everywhere you look – like an integrated ammo storage can in front of the rear fenders with a little LED mounted in the bedside just above so you can see your spares and tools at night. Not to mention the fact there’s a supercharged 4.0L engine under the hood, gnarly tires, serious axles, and armor galore. What’s not to like?

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The Unicorn 1966 Perkins-powered CJ-6
They’re called Unicorns: vehicles so rare they may as well exist only in mythology. Well, Mitch Carter, a technical specialist for ARB, stumbled across just such a beast. He discovered the 1966 CJ-6 with a factory Perkins diesel engine where it had sat since the late 1970s. It had been crashed hard and put up broke. Mitch grafted in a new front frame section, found some non-matching postal fenders that weren’t ragged and falling apart like the originals, regeared the axles to 4.27s, upgraded the front Dana 27 to an open-knuckle Dana 30, and added ARB Air Lockers front and rear. There are lots of other stupid-cool things about this Jeep, such as the 60-40 front bench seat, full Meyers hard top (not installed this day), and of course, the ancient but still pliable Desert Dog Formula tires. Well done, Mitch. Well done!

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The Import CJ-3B
Is it a Mahindra? Is it a rare US import of an overseas licensed Jeep? We don’t care. Owned by one of our own, Rick Pewe found this stretched hard-top CJ-3B thingy up in Washington State. The story Rick got was it began life in India (most likely in the Mahindra factory), was driven to Turkey from where it was shipped to the USA. We won’t tell you what Rick actually bought the rare Jeep for, but it’s offensively low. Especially considering how well the F-head four-cylinder runs and the fact it has an uber-rare CJ-width closed-knuckle Dana 44 front axle. Wow.

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Ken Brubaker

Four Wheeler

TJ Truck
I dig this TJ-based truck. The bed is derived from a Manley ORV trailer and it’s heavily customized. One of the beds features is that it can transform to a flatbed. Yep, I could use that versatility on my farm. I also like the customized hood that holds a ’49 Willys hood ornament. That’s attention to detail. I’m digging the Atlas 3:1 T-case, Dana 60 front axle and Dana 70 rear axle. I also like that the truck is running 37s with only a 1-inch suspension lift. Hey Jeep, please use this truck as a guide for your new pickup.

Wrangler TJ Unlimited, why did you have to leave us? And why were so few of you built with the Rubicon option package? I’m digging this ’05 Rubicon, built by JCR Offroad, and it’s similar to how I’d build one- capable, but not over the top. I love the look with its custom ‘cage, cool flares, and just enough Rock Krawler suspension lift to get the job done without getting a wacky-high center of gravity. I dig that it still has the trusty 4.0L engine, punched up with a RIPP supercharger. This LJ looks like a heckuva lot of fun.

I love the Cherokee XJs size and simplicity. This JCR Offroad ’01 XJ takes that great package and adds some legit upgrades and it’s like a modern interpretation of what a Cherokee XJ Trailhawk would/should be. Maybe I’m weird, but I like the fact it still sports the factory 4.0L engine and automatic tranny. I feel it’s a great pair. JK Rubicon axles from a ’14 model mean it has electric lockers and each diff has been fitted with 4.88s. Tons of JCR Offroad armor keeps the body and belly from getting tore up on the trail. The rig looks pretty cool, too.

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