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  • Kickin' It With The Girls
  • Mile Maker’s Waterproof ES Winch
  • 1949 Chevy Truck - The Wicked Witch
  • Redneck Yacht Club – Sneak Peek
  • St. Lucie Mud Jam
  • 4x4 Cross Throttle King Mega Truck Series - The Pit
  • Fixing Your Own Junk - The Pit
  • 1984 Jeep Scrambler - Miami Scrambler
  • Big Changes To Project F-1Filthy
  • Arizona Mud Bogs
  • Mud Life Graffiti
  • Dallas, GA Mud Bogging
  • A New Ride For Mud Life - Swamp Buggy

There’s wheelin’ and then there’s muddin’ – and Mud Life is devoted to nothing but gumbo-slop madness! Founded in Florida in 2008, Mud Life quickly expanded its unique reach and now covers the nation’s wild side and mud scene—the outrageous trucks and buggies, the work that goes into building them, and most importantly their performance out in the bogs.

Mud Life is also about having a good time and it covers all the big events and parties where the most outrageous mudding machines in the country strut their stuff. In addition to the fun, we feature reviews of the most advanced and old school how-to truck tech. We’ll also show you which gear and components keeps the wheels spinning and engines running strong. And of course, we can’t forget about the Mud Girls. Yes, they like to get dirty too. Each issue of Mud Life features the hottest Mud Girl of the month and a pull-out centerfold.

Mud Life is a celebration of mud, fun, lifestyle, massive tires, insane horsepower, and the fanatics who make up the scene. It’s meant for those special off-road enthusiasts who love it loud and messy.]