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Posted August 1, 2002

ARCA Meets IRCABecause of the worldwide exposure received thanks to the tremendous support from different media outlets connecting enthusiasts to the sport, rockcrawling is going international. The American Rock Crawlers Association (ARCA) announced that it is expanding its efforts to promote rockcrawling at an international level. In association with the International Rock Crawlers Association (IRCA), the two groups will promote and sanction rockcrawling events similar to those of ARCA internationally, with competitions between national champions. The purpose and goal of IRCA is to expand the sport of rockcrawling by sanctioning ARCA and other associations holding competitions in various countries around the globe. The IRCA also hopes to unite international 4WD associations, clubs, and enthusiasts. In conjunction with partnering with IRCA, the American Rock Crawlers Association announced that it would also change its name to the Rock Crawlers Association of America (RCAA), still pronounced the same way.

Lowering the LibertyLowering a Jeep? Blasphemy, we say. But that's what the DaimlerChrysler folks have deemed necessary in order to deal with potential rollover risks brought to light by two automotive enthusiast publications. What? You mean I shouldn't crank through this turn at high speed? Guess we can't rely on every Liberty owner to be that responsible. So far, no recalls are in sight, but DaimlerChrysler did begin building the Liberty SUV with the front lowered by 22 millimeters and the rear by 19 millimeters. The changes were said to be because of the fact that Liberty buyers were taking their vehicles off road less than Chrysler had expected.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had previously given the Liberty two out of five stars for rollover propensity, indicating that it had a 30 to 40 percent chance of rolling in single vehicle accident. Many of its direct competitors received three stars, with an estimated 20 to 30 percent chance of rollover. The NHTSA couldn't say how the change in ride height would affect the Liberty's static stability factor, the formula used to determine its rollover rating. Chrysler opted against a recall on the vehicles to carry out the lowering modifications, stating that they've always felt it was a safe vehicle.

UROC to Host SupercrawlAs if it wasn't already difficult enough to grab the podium in one of the many rockcrawling series across the nation, the United Rockcrawling & Off-road Challenge Series (UROC) is making it an even bigger challenge. In order to qualify for entry in the UROC Supercrawl being held October 9-12 in Farmington, New Mexico, potential competitors must first finish in the Top Ten of any recognized rockcrawling event. Events organized by UROC, CalRocs, EROCC, Kremmling Crawl, Rock Garden Four Wheelers, ProRock, NWRCA, and RCAA are all considered worthy. The Supercrawl will follow UROC rules, offering two separate classes. The Legend Class allows for a maximum of 36-inch tires, while the Unlimited Class calls for a minimum tire size of 37 inches. Use your imagination to figure out which of the two classes is the more extreme.

UROC is also hosting its own series of events leading up to Supercrawl. The series final of the 2002 season will take place in Vernal, Utah, August 15-17. For more information about UROC and Supercrawl, check out

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