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General Motors Fuel Cell Off-Road Truck News - Insider Off-Road

2005 Jeep Scrambler
Posted June 1, 2003

Off-Road Insider News

GM Hydrogen Storage Breakthrough Extends Fuel Cell Vehicle Range First to reach 10,000-PSI milestone in compressed hydrogen storageGeneral Motors Corp. says it has increased the driving range of its compressed hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with the world's first successful vehicle test of a 10,000 PSI (700 bar) hydrogen storage system. The new 10,000 PSI tank technology extends the range of GM's HydroGen3 fuel cell vehicle by 60-70 percent compared to an equivalent-sized 5,000 PSI system. GM is the only automaker in the world to successfully test a 10,000 PSI hydrogen storage system in a fuel cell vehicle. This milestone has been achieved more than a year ahead of the stated goals of other auto companies.

The GM system, which consists of two carbon composite tanks, was approved last year by Germany's top safety institute, Technischer ff,oeberwachungsverein (TUV), in accordance with common industry standards in Europe and North America.

"This is a major step forward in developing fuel cell vehicles with a range equal to or better than conventional gasoline vehicles," said Larry Burns, GM vice president, research and development, and planning. "We're making great progress toward realizing the 300-350 mile range required for large-scale commercialization."

AGR Performance Inc. Opens AGR Wheelin' RanchAGR Performance Inc. have opened a new 4x4 park, AGR Wheeling' Ranch. The park is strictly for 4X4 use and is somewhat unique to upstate Texas since there are only three other legal places for the public to enjoy the growing sport of four-wheelin'.

While the park is a private venture, it is open to anyone interested in wheelin'. It is available on the weekends to the public. Prior arrangements are required. The cost is $20 per vehicle and a minimum of 10 vehicles is required for the ranch to be opened for public use.

The AGR Wheelin' Ranch is located on a beautiful yet rugged tract of land. The word has spread amongst the 4X4 crowd that the park is a true challenge of man and machine. Tim and his crew have built their rigs for the extreme stuff and so the first trails built were just that: extreme. But for every extreme climb there is a bypass for those who need it. Also in the works is a whole network of easy and moderate trails to go along with the difficult stuff.

Check the Web page for future events that may include a NARRCA event and other rockcrawling challenges. For more information, contact: Tim McGill, (214) 636-7231, tim@agrwheelinranch;

High-Definition Feature Documentary Essex Television Group Inc. released Drive Like Hell, a feature-length documentary film about the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 off-road auto race. The 90-minute documentary premiered this March on HDNetl, a high-definition network available on DIRECTV and Charter Communications. Don't worry if you missed it; there will be numerous additional HDNet airdates, as well as select theatrical screenings later this spring.

Filmed in Baja, Mexico, in September, October, and November, the documentary is the first behind-the-scenes film ever made about the legendary Baja 1000. The film profiles four teams (Terrible Herbst Motorsports, Honda Motorcycles, Enduro Racing, and the Centrix Financial Racing) as they prepare for, and then race in, this grueling annual event. The film also follows the extraordinary travails of race organizer Sal Fish, who has been staging the race for more than 30 years.

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