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Goodbye Letter - Notes From The Dirt

Posted in News on November 1, 2004 Comment (0)
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Well friends, it's time to say goodbye. The trip has been short and memorable, but I'm going to hang up my editor's helmet after this issue of Off-Road. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who bought the magazine, wrote letters offering criticism and praise, and took the time to say hello whenever I was around.

I learned a great deal from the various shops and employees who allowed me to invade their workspace in order to photograph some of the coolest vehicles on the planet. I also appreciate the friends I made out in the dirt, who made my job that much more fun and who took some of the load off of my shoulders as I orked on the mag solo.

In particular, I'd like to thank the staff at Sport Truck magazine, who helped out immensely. John O'Neill came through with feature-truck material, Calin Head supplied tech articles, and Gary Blount shot some great prerunner features.

OR's army of freelancers also kept me from going insane when deadlines loomed large. Randall Jachmann was always there with great cover photos. Kevin Blumer provided the best race coverage and analysis I could ever hope to print. James Weber is the king of buyer's guides and the man responsible for putting Christmas wish lists together for the world to covet. Jay Kopycinski also came through in the clutch, with valuable articles to keep your truck's running at their best.

Last but not least, there are a few people in the office who fly below the radar, but that are just as important to the success of this magazine. Brad Crowder is our art director and the guy responsible for the excellent look and feel of the magazine. Vanessa Roveto single-handedly keeps the magazine running smoothly and on schedule. Hers is a job that I would never want, and she does it with class. OR's copy editor, Amanda Presley, takes my sometimes God-awful text and revises it until I actually sound like a college graduate. Kevin Wilson, our recently departed editorial director, is the guy who gave me a shot at running the magazine and who put me in the driver's seat when no one else would. Thanks, guys!

I'll keep this short since I'm off on another new adventure. With any luck, I'll see you all in Glamis this winter.Sincerely,Mike Finnegan


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