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Rancho Website
Posted December 1, 2006

Rancho Launches New Web ExperienceWith new features such as the Rancho Interactive Garage (RIG) and the Rancho Zone, the redesigned interactive website is ready to alter your vehicle's ego. Rancho offers a wide variety of suspension systems, shock absorbers, accessories, and other related products for most make and model 4WD vehicles.

The all-new Rancho Interactive Garage permits Web viewers to preview suspension upgrades and Rancho system features in an up-close, detailed view. The RIG also allows viewers to "customize" a vehicle with aftermarket products such as wheels and grille guards and also displays comparisons between a stock vehicle and one equipped with a Rancho system.

The Rancho Zone area of the site has also received improvements that include an expanded download section with computer desktop backgrounds, iPod movies and pictures, motorsports results, schedules, and driver profiles. For more information, check out

CORR and VP Racing Fuels Form SponsorshipVP Racing Fuels has signed on with Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) to be the official fuel of the racing series. The three-year sponsorship agreement will last through the 2008 race season. Bruce Hendel, VP's Global Sales Manager, states, "VP Racing's complete product line is a perfect match for the many different engine configurations used by CORR competitors. VP's Late Model Plus produces more power and less heat than any competitors' products for high-compression and high-horsepower engines used in the Pro 2 and Pro 4 classes."

With an already ample distribution network in place, VP Racing also sells its fuel to consumers at eight retail gas stations in Southern California and is said to be adding more stations by the end of the year. VP Racing is already the official racing fuel of Best in the Desert and the Baja Pro Truck Off-Road Race Series and is also a contingency sponsor of SCORE International and Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts (SNORE).

Four-Wheel Emergency Assistance TeamThe Colorado Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs Inc. (CoA4WDCI) has been active in assisting its community for many years. One manner in which this organization delivers aid is through F.E.A.T. - Four-wheel Emergency Assistance Team. F.E.A.T. got its start in 1982 and was organized in 1984 to establish a pool of four-wheel-drive vehicles and experienced drivers to aid Denver's Office of Emergency Preparedness during snow emergencies. All of the drivers are volunteers, using their own vehicles on their own time. The volunteers are also typically members of one of the many four-wheel-drive clubs associated with the CoA4WDCI. F.E.A.T. is contacted in times of need when non-4WD city and state vehicles can't reach a destination due to weather or other emergency situations. F.E.A.T. members carry out tasks such as delivering much needed medications to those who can't leave their homes and even transporting doctors and nurses and other medical and emergency personal and supplies as needed.

If you would like to be a part of the Denver-area F.E.A.T. or have interest in developing a similar program in your area, check out

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