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Desert Dirt - Off-Road News - September 2010

Posted in News on September 1, 2010
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Design a seat and win them!
For years Corbeau has supplied the industry with the most advanced line of aftermarket seats available The suspension line of seats, famously known as the Baja line feature state of the art suspension technology, which reduces the amount of G force transferred to the body.

But too often, Corbeau hears the same thing: All suspension seats look the same. And that's why they've decided to let you design the next Baja reclining suspension seat to join the Corbeau lineup. In other words, you submit design ideas for the new Baja RS, and Corbeau will take that design and blend it with its seat-making technology to produce the best looking and most functional reclining suspension seat ever made. In an effort to sweeten the pot, the winning design or the design that helps us come up with the new Baja RS will be the first recipient of this revolutionary seat, and will receive the seats, brackets, and harness belts absolutely free. You don't have to be an expert to submit your ideas. It can be as simple as sketching something on a piece of paper or as sophisticated as a 3D CAD drawing. Please be sure to read all the contest rules and information before submitting your ideas.

As soon as the winning seat design goes into production, we'll follow an install of the new seat and include the seat designer's new seats that he/she has won! For questions email or visit All contest rules and details can be found at

Offroad Design leading the way at BITD Silver State 300
Bashing into a huge rock, slamming through silt beds, and stopping to help a flipped over competitor didn't stop the brother team of Stephen and Brandon Watson from leading the way in their Ultra4 class car. During the first 165 miles Stephen zoomed passed almost everyone in the class, leaving only one car ahead. Soon after catching the leader, he slammed into a huge rock that wiped out the left front tire, costing them more than 30 minutes. To make matters worse, the jack ended up sinking into the sand with the car landing on top of it. Finally getting the car back together, the brothers limped their way to the finish line still fast enough to stay in the lead.

The team credits their success to participating in the BITD pre-fun run two weeks before the race. They learned a lot about the course and additional modifications that needed to be done to the car. The Offroad Design team finished sixth place in the Ultra4 class at the 2010 Silver State 300 and is currently ranked fourth in the Ultra4 Grand Slam of Offroad Racing after two races in a four-race series. For more information, visit: Offroad Design, For a video recap of the race, visit:

Villa Ford Builds A Chase Vehicle For The Raptor
In an effort to promote the Ford Raptor vehicle and its accomplishments at the Baja 1000, Villa Ford has dressed up a Ford Transit with a full vehicle wrap to match the theme on the Raptor race truck. The vehicle has also been modified with a roof rack, off-road lights, new wheels and tires. We love what they have going on in their heads, but we wonder how much terrain a Transit will be able to overcome in Baja. If you find yourself in the Orange, California area, head on over to Villa Ford and take a look. For more information, visit: Villa Ford,

Funco Motorsports takes a Monster 4 Podium weekend
Chad George raced in true form claiming three victories and one third place podium finish at the Lucas Speedworld Off-Road Park in Surprise, Arizona for Round 3 and 4 of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORRS). Chad took his Funco/Kawasaki Teryx to the 1-mile long track on Saturday in a UTV endurance race for survival. The intense competition has teams squeezing power from every port, but many rivals succumbed to mechanical failures, and Chad was able to secure the final podium spot. The victory marked Chad's first UTV Modified win of 2010 after last year's championship season. For more information, visit: Funco Motorsports,

Socioeconomic Status Linked To Vehicle Safety
Improvements in motor vehicle safety have been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as ranking among the 20th century's top public health achievements. However, a recent study led by researchers in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics (PMB) at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) seems to show that the improvements aren't benefiting all segments of the population equally. The study appears in the April issue of Traffic Injury Prevention.

"Vehicle safety advances have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in recent decades," said Deborah Girasek, PhD, MPH, Director, Social & Behavioural Sciences in the PMB. "What we found was that people in lower socioeconomic groups don't enjoy the same access to these improvements as their wealthy counterparts, most likely because of how our society introduces protective technology into the vehicle market." Typically safety advances are first offered on luxury vehicles at the discretion of automobile manufacturers. People who buy used vehicles do not benefit from such advances until the safer models "trickle down" to the used car market.

The study found that as median household incomes increased, so did the proportion of vehicles that came equipped with side airbags and electronic stability control as standard equipment. "The results may not be surprising," said Girasek, "but we believe this is the first time that this traffic safety advantage has been documented. It seems unlikely that we would accept levels of crash protection that were tied to product price in other modes of transportation. Suppose, for example, that in addition to free drinks and wider seats, first class airline tickets came with better odds of surviving a plane crash?"

For more information about USU and its programs, visit

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