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September 2012 RPM Off-Road Truck News

Chevy Cng Port
Tori Tellem | Writer
Posted September 1, 2012

Everything 4x4 Related

That’s Interesting
The Jeep Wrangler is the Official Vehicle of USA Basketball. You know, because running back and forth across the court is so last year.

The bifuel ’13 Silverado and Sierra HDs will be priced $11,000 over base models. The 6.0L V-8 runs on gas as well as compressed natural gas.

Ford is thinking about using cash as a sustainable material for its vehicles’ interior trays and bins. No, that isn’t to show off its lack of bailout assistance. As an alternative to petroleum-based products, paper currency that’s out of service and has been shredded has the potential to be used.

Cadillac’s Super Cruise isn’t, say, some totally super cruise ship or some totally super cruise night or some totally super Tom Cruise. It’s semiautonomous technology in the departments of steering, braking, and lane-centering. “The system could be ready for production vehicles by mid-decade,” said Cadillac. “Have mercy on our souls,” said Four Wheeler.

Remember Carmageddon, when the 405 freeway was shut down in Los Angeles and authorities told everyone to run screaming to their panic room with canned goods? Turns out the city seemed to have a baby boom nine months later.

Ferrari’s Facebook page had more than 8 million likes when we went to press. Have you liked Four Wheeler yet? Surely we’re better than Ferrari.

Demand is so high for EcoBoost V-6 engines, Ford has added a third shift where they are built.

AAA released its annual “Your Driving Costs” study (aka how much you’re paying to drive), which factors in fuel, maintenance, depreciation, insurance, registration, and a couple of other realities. By the way, AAA has been putting out this study since 1950, when it was determined that driving a car 10,000 miles each year cost 9 cents per mile. For 2012, AAA determined it’s 59.6 cents per mile, based upon 15,000 miles annually.

The research pointed to almost 70 percent of those polled picking an engine 1.3L or smaller for their first vehicle. They did not survey Americans, clearly.

What kids want: research between Chevy and MTV Scratch (um?) surveyed more than 3,000 Millennials to learn that 69 percent believe buying a car is a major milestone on the road to adulthood, while 32 percent are interested in cars and 77 percent think about fuel economy. No percentage available on how many think “16 and Pregnant” is an awesome TV show.

More studying: found that in 2011, females headed for small, fuel-efficient cars as a purchase, while males wanted large trucks and SUVs. That’s news?

Another: USAA found that troops coming off deployment had 13 percent more at-fault accidents compared to before deployment. Losing control of the vehicle was the most common. It also found that once they’d been home for six months and readjusted to life on American roads, the rate of accidents declined.

And one more for the cheap seats: A report by the Society of Automotive Engineers claims that turn-signal neglect is a big ol’ problem. Observing 12,000 vehicles, it was discovered that 48 percent of drivers didn’t bother to signal when it came to changing lanes, and 25 percent skipped it in turns.

Random Quote:
“We’ve got the oldest truck in the game. I think we could use something stronger.”
—Texas dealer Rox Covert, who has around four months’ worth of fullsizes at his two Chevy and two GMC stores, according to Automotive News. Rox Covert (not his porn name) likes only about three months’ supply. And he’d like the all-new versions to arrive now.

Is It True?
The all-new GMC Sierra will have a 3.6L V-6 and turbocharged 3.0L V-6?

Purchases of new vehicles with manual transmissions are on the rise?

A University in Germany is working on a smart tire that would shape-shift on the fly based on a change in weather or terrain?

The new land speed world record for fastest toilet is 46 mph? There was a previous record?

Another Random Quote:
“We’re talking to basically every car company to see what their level of excitement is and how do we work with them.”
—Google Project Manager Anthony Levandowski, to The Detroit News, about offering self-driving technology

What Stops an Avalanche? Itself
Remember 2001? Yes, the year we met the ’02 Chevy Avalanche. Remember 2012? Yes, the year we said, nice to have met you Avalanche, now don’t let the door hit you in the tailgate. This is the final year of production, and it’s going out in…style? Sure, you could say that—there’s a special edition: The ’13 Black Diamond Avalanche model will have unique badging, body-colored parts, and more offerings available on the LS and LT. And there’s basically a going out of business sale—pricing has been reduced across the Avalanche lineup.

Avalanche Things to Know
More than 580,000 were sold

An Avalanche transported the Olympic flame in the torch relay before the ’02 Olympic Winter Games

It was redesigned for 2007

A Z71 version won Four Wheeler of the Year in 2007

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