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4x4 Cross Throttle King Mega Truck Series - The Pit

Posted in News on September 4, 2013
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Yo, coming at ya from mid-March. Always like to reference the timeframe when I write these since the mag comes out a good while later due to the bimonthly cycle. I'm still going at it in the same wide-open pace, just trying to keep up. We're coming outta the winter finally, and we had a rough one. I'm glad it's over. This year's gonna be a fight, but the event layout is def' looking sick so far. I think I got the schedule dialed in for the year. Heck, as I write this I'm headed out to the Big Diesel Truck Jam at Piedmont Dragway, and I don't get another week off all the way through December. Also, mad props to Yukon Gear & Axle for Keynote sponsoring the Throttle King Mega Truck Series this year. If you're a racer in the series make sure to hit me up on a racer sponsorship/incentive program we will be running as well.

That's what you call doing work—and doing work has been the name of the game, staying focused, staying motivated, pushing through the long hours and hard days, and with a serious lack of sleep, That's the biggest drawback. If I literally sleep any more than two to four hours a day, I fall behind, which I can only do for so long. Caffeine has stopped working altogether! Hey, but the big goal is right. I swear I'm gonna get this stuff on TV one day, and not a stupid reality show either!

So far we already hit up the Trucks Gone Wild at Cowboys Monsters Eve and Bithlo Tri-Truck Challenge events. Check out the coverage in this month's issue. I had the crazy big Cecil's Bonfire Bash & Ricky B's B-day Party, straight up killed it at Okeechobee Mudfest along with my boys at Club Mud, and went up to Vermont for the all-new Vermonster Snow Bog. I tell you what, that Snow Bog was legit. Make sure you check it out. Besides the event, I want to throw mad props to owner Randy and his crew. Treated us like one of them. Heck, we even went out and shot some sick snowmobiling action for two days after the event.

Regardless, keeping head above water is the name of the game for this year. I mentioned before it's gonna be a fight. So many different obstacles to overcome this year, but then again I always say, “If you want to be successful you have go for broke, 'cause if you're not all in you were never dedicated enough to make it happen in the first place.” Never satisfied!

Anyway, make sure to hit up the YouTube page to see the vids of the insane action, hot chicks, and parties we've had our hand in.

Ricky B. Wilson

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