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Armor All Custom Shield Coating

Armor All Custom Shield Black
Calin Head | Writer
Posted July 30, 2013
Contributors: Jeremy Cook

Protect your paint in a custom way

Armor All has been stocking store shelves with car care products for many years. We are sure you are familiar with the company’s tire protectant, but did you know they have a new protective coating for paint?

Available in black, white, and clear, Armor All's new Custom Shield is a temporary spray on coating that effectively replaces those old school bras. Once applied it provides a layer of rubbery skin to prevent chips, scratches, and even makes removing bugs a peel off scenario. It can be applied to bumpers, rockers, and wheels to add protection to those valuable items.

Want to “murder out” your ride? The flat black can also be used to cover large areas or can be taped off in a custom fashion to add flames, stripes, numbers or anything else you can think of. Whether you’re looking for utilitarian performance or temporary style, check out the new Custom Shield Coating from Armor All!